Chris Benoit: Rumour Has It...

Aadhya ShivakumarContributor INovember 25, 2009

NEW YORK - MARCH 11:  Wrestler Chris Benoit attends a press conference to promote Wrestlemania XX at Planet Hollywood March 11, 2004 in New York City.  (Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images)
Peter Kramer/Getty Images

I'm sorry that this is a short article... I wanted to share what I'd heard...

Most of us know that on June 24th, 2007, Chris Benoit committed suicide and murdered his son and wife. 

Everyone was angry that Benoit killed his family, and that he had no right to.

It was later revealed he had something called roid rage, caused by steroids.

But one website claimed that even when he had roid rage, he cared about his family.

According to them, Benoit was planning to commit suicide.

He murdered his wife and son because he didn’t want them to be pained by the fact that he’d died.

And because as he died, he didn’t want to see the look on the faces of the two people he most loved: Daniel and Nancy Benoit.

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