T.J. Ford: What Can He Do To Improve?

Evan MasseyCorrespondent INovember 24, 2009

Well, the one thing missing from the Indiana Pacers, other than a good starting SG of course, is a starting point guard. So far this season Ford has played nothing like a point guard, in fact, he might be more suited for the shooting guard spot than Brandon Rush is.

While Ford does have the skill to be a very good starting PG for the Indiana Pacers, he just doesn't seem to understand how to put all the pieces together, and become that feature PG. Honestly, as I've watched the games this year, all I've seen him do, is pick up his dribble, turn the ball over, or dribble way to much.

During the cold streaks that the Pacers have, watch very closely and see what's going on with the offense, and the answer is absolutely nothing. Rather than swinging the ball from one side of the court, to the other, you will usually see T.J. trying to move the ball by dribbling from one side of the court to the other, and that doesn't enable his teammates to get open for shots, and the Pacers have to hoist up a prayer, that usually isn't answered.

My advice for T.J. Ford is to just take a deep breath and calm down. It's not like you play with the Bucks anymore, and your not the one guy who has to do everything. Use the options that the Pacers have gotten for him, in Granger, Murphy, Hibbert, Jones, Watson, and even Hansbrough, rather than pounding the ball, jumping in the air, and throwing the ball away.

If the Pacers can't find a way to get a good pure point guard soon out of Ford, then I think they need to seriously consider either dealing him, or dealing another player just to be able to have a complete team with a point guard who knows how to use his teammates out there.

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