Clemson Students Hold Funeral for Cocky

Jacqueline KirbyContributor IIINovember 24, 2009

Last night Clemson University fans held a funeral service for the South Carolina Gamecocks mascot, Cocky.  The service was part of a huge pep rally to get the team ready for the rivalry game on Saturday.

There were Clemson fans from all over the community who came out to enjoy the festivities.  

A coffin containing the mascot sat at the front of the festivities surrounded by members of the Tiger Platoon and the Clemson mascots.  The cheerleaders and rally cats performed for the celebration.  

The funeral service is becoming a Clemson tradition.  We end the regular season with a game against South Carolina every year and this is just something extra for the students and community to take part in.  

This is just a part of the events that lead up to the rivalry game.  There has also been a "Blood Bowl" in which the schools compete to see which school can donate the most blood this holiday season.