Should The UFC Give More Power to The Fans?

Jason FouchaAnalyst IJune 14, 2008

I came up with a new concept, that the UFC and other MMA promotions could use that I think would appease the fans more.

I think the UFC should give the fans more power.

Here's an idea for you Dana.

I don't mean let them pick the fights, or pick whose champion, but how about this?

Let the fans vote online, or via text, for the matches that get put on TV.

I am not saying they should choose the headliners, but look at it this way.

UFC 87 (as officially announced so far by the UFC)

Main Card

GSP vs Fitch

Florian vs Huerta

Lesnar vs Herring

Preliminary Card

Hermes Franca vs Frankie Edgar

Cheick Kongo vs Dan Evenson

Chris Wilson vs Steve Bruno

Jared Rollins vs Ben Saunders

Unofficial and Rumored fights

Karo Parysian vs TBA

Jason Macdonald vs Damien Maia

Rob Emerson vs Manny Gamburyan

So that is 10 fights, so why not let the fans vote on the other 2 that are guaranteed to air on the main card.

I know personally I'd like to see the return of Hermes Franca against Frank Edgar.

Maybe fans want to watch Ben Saunders and Jared Rollins from last seasons TUF fight, the could vote for it, and it could possibly happen.

Some main card fights have been been duds lately, and some have turned out to be great. So why not let the fans pick who they want to see on those last 2 fights.

Also, it would be a great way to encourage the fighters to be more entertaining and want to go in swinging, because their tv spot could be depending on it. Also, it would help in deciding title fights, because the company would know what fights the fans want to see.

I think it would be a great way to give back to the fans.

Like always feel free to comment, be like I always ask, be respectful.