Dominique Archie: Huge Gap, How Does Horn Fill It?

Sebastian PetersContributor INovember 24, 2009

Dominique Archie was Starting in the Charleston Classic Championship game agianst Miami, He had scored 5 quick points and then he had an open free drive to the basket, so when he took that free dunk he landed the wrong way and Hiperextended his knee on his 7th point and was out of the game, and came back with cruches. (Didnt look good at all) Which SC ended up lossing the game, SC had held Miami to an 8 point lead off of a 15 point lead and looked almost like the USF game. All of this happend in the last two min. Unfortunatly Miami's Forward was feeling it cause he wouldnt miss from behind the arch. Final Score: 85 to 70

Dominique Archie was and is a big factor on this strong SC squad. He was leading the team in points and Devan Downey was nipping at his heels. My Question is, Is how is SC going to be able to fill that BIG gap until Dominique gets healthy? They need to do something and do something fast because they have a very tuff scheduale and need to be able to fill that spot, SC has recruited some great Talent at forward, Like Lakeem Jackson. But all i got to say is, It'll be extremly tuff to fill Dominique shoes while he is injured.

How is SC going to cope with Dominique Archie out?

It will all be answerd in these next 3 games agianst

  • Jacksonville
  • West Kentucky
  • and then a tuff trip to Clemson,

just hopefuly Dominique will be back on the court agian before the clemson game,