WWE Selects the Worst Possible Oppenent for John Cena's Title: Sheamus

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIINovember 24, 2009

After the disgust of seeing Randy Orton eliminated from the number one contender's battle royal, I got a little more ill after seeing who the WWE felt to be more worthy.

Wait they didn't even push Kofi Kingston an additional inch towards the industry's greatest prize?


And with as much as I'm disgusted with Kofi Kingston for eliminating Randy Orton, at least he would have put on a good match at Tables, Ladders, and Chairs .

But the WWE had something very special planned for us on Monday night.

They decided that they would rather destroy the next PPV than allow their fans to see the "same old sh*t" all over again with Orton and Cena.

Who did they select as this months next successor?

No, I'd rather not even go there.

As I'm watching the end of Raw's main event, I see what couldn't possibly be right.


Was I drunk as I watched the end of the battle royal?

Wait a second.

I forgot, I don't drink.

Sheamus? Really?

To quote The Miz, "Reeeaaallly?".

I'm not going to belabor the obvious any longer...Are they out of their minds?

Sheamus? My god!

I can understand wanting to push a young Superstar, I get that but the WWE must have knocked themselves silly with all of this "over-pushing" they've become addicted to over the past month.

First Kofi Kingston (but at least he's exceptionally talented) and now we see Sheamus selected to headline the main event of an actual PPV?

You are meaning to tell me that the WWE thinks that people want to pay $39.95 to see John Cena defeat Sheamus?

Couldn't that have been saved for a weak house-show event?

But no, on to TLC we go with one of the most horribly constructed PPV main events in recent memory.

Now, why do I have an issue with Sheamus being in the main event?

Answer's simple: He doesn't deserve it.

He has certainly not displayed to anyone the ability to be a draw of any kind.

Who the hell is buying tickets to see Sheamus?

Yes, I realize the guy is a heel but at least with guys like Randy Orton and CM Punk, the fans care a little.

But you're putting this unknown into a match with a man whom the people hate?

Are they so desperate to get the fans to cheer for John Cena that they pair him against one of the most unlikable nobody's the WWE has to offer?

Actually, the fans hate Cena so much that they embraced the greatness of Sheamus.

That's right, the pale man featured above with no character has more appeal to the people than the WWE's Superman.

But why would I even want to watch?

To see Superman triumph yet again?


The WWE wouldn't actually be dumb enough to allow Sheamus to win, would they?

Then again, I didn't find it conceivable to see Kofi Kingston beat down Randy Orton so I guess anything is possible.

I don't like where this is going WWE, I don't like it one bit.

Might as well nominate Mike Knox as the number one contender for Undertaker's World title, nobody's going to buy the PPV anyway.


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