Pats Ready To Prove They Deserved to Win

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Pats Ready To Prove They Deserved to Win
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For those of you who keep wondering how the Patriots could have blown the game a week ago against the Colts let me ask you this, sure it was a loss, but did you feel terrible? You shouldn't have. Why? Because the Patriots proved they could play with and beat the best the AFC has to offer. It was a L and a W for the Colts, not taking anything away. However, the Patriots made one bad decision that would cost them the game.

Now fast forward to this upcoming weekend against the Saints. The Saints are the best the NFC has to offer and now the Patriots can shock the world. See where this is going? If the Patriots showed they could beat the Colts and if they go on to beat the Saints or lose by small margin this can mean one very positive thing, a fourth Lombardi trophy.

The last time the Patriots were in this situation they faced off against the St. Louis Rams in 2001. Even though the Patriots lost that regular season game, they would go on to beat the Rams in the Super Bowl. So Patriots fans I know you're asking yourself why did Belichick go for it on fourth down, just calm down and remember the old famous motto... it's about what happens in the playoffs.

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