Saint Louis Athletica 2010: What Will YOU Remember?

Kat GalsimCorrespondent INovember 23, 2009

The Saint Louis Athletica has released their viral web commercial featuring quick highlights from the 2009 season. Fans from different demographics recall what they remember from the season, which includes having the opportunity to watch the best goalkeeper in the world, Hope Solo, making incredible saves, then getting her autograph with a picture after the game.

The video also features All-Star starter Tina Ellertson, not just as a fierce defender on the field, but as an inspiring mother off the field, with her two kids, MacKenzie and Mya Ellertson. There's even a quick cameo from Athletica's well-loved Head Coach Jorge Barcellos.

The video ends with a question that serves as a call to action to the viewer: "What will you remember?" Find out when you buy tickets for the 2010 season of Saint Louis Athletica.