Sundays from the Cellar: Even Matt Leinart Can't Give Them a Win

JoeSportsFanSenior Analyst INovember 23, 2009

Record: 1-9

Sunday’s Inevitable Outcome: Cardinals 21, Rams 13

The Line: Cardinals -9

Week 11 Viewing Strategy: Just pretend it’s 1986 and I want the Cardinals to win.

Speaking of the 1986 Cardinals…
…here is a video of them getting into a brawl with the Chicago Bears in the 1986 preseason – yes, grown men throwing punches at one another despite wearing helmets and pads.

Truthfully, I posted that only because I wanted an excuse to hear the name Stump Mitchell.

By the Numbers...
Cardinals playoff wins in 2008 – 3
Cardinals playoff wins in 27 years in St. Louis – 0###MORE###

Favorite stat of the night
Average yards the Rams had left on 3rd down throughout the first half: 9.3


When 3rd and 8 is an improvement upon your average position, it’s easy to see why a team has one win.

The most promising site for fans of any team playing the Arizona Cardinals…

The Moment of “This team is horrible”
About seven minutes left in the fourth quarter, 4th and 6 from the Arizona 21-yard line, with the Rams offense driving to try to stay in the game and Marc Bulger takes a delay of game penalty. No confusion at the line, no problem with the headset, nothing that would make it understandable to simply allow the 24 second play clock to expire on a critical drive. Just simply not watching that really big clock in the endzone and, as a result, taking a five yard penalty and making an already difficult situation even more difficult at 4th and 11.

Rams players can’t even escape the shadow of the Cardinals inside the freaking Dome on gameday…


Competition for #32
The trend established last week continues – suddenly the crappy teams are able to play with the good teams. We had the Redskins hanging tough with the Cowboys, KC beating the defending champs, Oakland beating the resurgent Bengals.

#25 Kansas City (W 27-24) – Those people who claim they saw the Chiefs win over the Steelers this week coming are what we call “full of shit”.
#26 Oakland (W 20-17) – It will take a few more wins like the one over the Bengals before I start even considering that this team is decent.
#27 Seattle (L 35-9) – The showdown to see whether they can compete with the Rams for the title of worst in the NFC West is next week in St. Louis.
#28 Washington (L 7-6) – If there’s one thing the Redskins can do, it’s drag their competition down with them and make for some really unappealing football.
#29 St. Louis (L 21-13) – Sooner or later they’ll get another “W” out of the way they’ve been playing
#30 Tampa Bay (L 38-7) – After last week’s close call with the Rams, the Saints didn’t screw around with the Bucs this Sunday.
#31 Detroit (W 38-37) – They’ve proved without a doubt what they are – one point better than the worst team in the league.
#32 Cleveland (L 38-37) – Couldn’t even get back on track against the Lions

Up Next: vs Seahawks

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