Mailbag Question: Regarding Barwis and Supplements

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Mailbag Question: Regarding Barwis and Supplements
Hey Guys,

Read the stories on your blog and thought they were good about the other 90%. Some of it I had to actually read over a couple of times to get it.

First question is how the new staff gets it where the other staff did not. Along with how does Barwis make things different then what Gitts did? Where does Barwis fit into as far as other S&C coaches?

What do you guys believe in that Barwis doesn't give the kids certain things like Creatine and whey?

Thanks for taking my question

Thanks for the question Roger. Difference with “Old Regime” and new is just different philosophies that includes S&C. Coach Carr for better or worse wanted his players to be true student-athletes. He believed football should not take 100% of player’s time. He believes that they should be able to enjoy being a student. Coach Rod is the new breed of college coach who wants a 100% football commitment and mind set.

There has been some misinformation about Coach Gittleson (IMO). His workouts were brutal. Kids WHO SPENT THE TIME with him most definitely showed improvement. He was just more into developing raw strength and power. Coach Barwis is more into developing the core and improving explosion. His exact words at the clinic were, yes, we are going to do 20% Olympic Lifts, and we will get bigger and stronger but that will not be primary focus of our program. He talked a lot about ability to transfer energy through the core, and improving balance.

As for the suppplements you mentioned. Those are primarily used to gain weight and strength. If that is not primary function, why use them since most of the Michigan players are trying to lose weight, get more flexible, and gain speed.

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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