Mailbag Question: Regarding Barwis Coaches Clinic and 7 on 7

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Mailbag Question: Regarding Barwis Coaches Clinic and 7 on 7

Are you guys going to Coach Barwis S&C clinic or the 7 on 7 tournament? Are you guys allowed to go and what is actually suppose to happen at this compared to what you guys reported back in April with the coaches clinic? Are you going to work out and let Barwis eat you alive? Will you get chocolate milk if you survive?

Thanks guys.

Thanks for the question. This being first year for Michigan’s 7 on 7 tournament CoachBt team was already registered for different tournaments. Ohio rules only allow 10 contact days with high school kids and the coaches. So adding another tournament or scrimmage is impossible. We will evaluate all options and consider Michigan next year. Might take drive up and watch some of tournament. They generally allow coaches of other programs not registered to attend.

We are leaning towards attending Coach Barwis S&C clinic. This coach’s clinic and I really doubt or hope that coaches do much more than some demos. We are hoping to learn some new concepts on core and explosion training most. We also want to see if Coach Barwis shows ideas on injury prevention. If we do attend, can guarantee in the 3 1/2 hours will learn much more than in fifty minutes Coach Barwis talked at during the coaches clinic in April.

We would rate the chances 51% leaning towards attending, but of course with the gas prices, the cost of attending the clinic also comes into play as well since we do this on our own cost and time.

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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