Mailbag Question: Regarding Barwis and Ohio State S&C Coach

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Mailbag Question: Regarding Barwis and Ohio State S&C Coach
Hey Coach,

I believe you know about Ohio State S&C program and their coach. How do you compare the differences between Barwis and Ohio State S&C.? In addition, what are some of the same stuff they do? What are the some of the things they do the same and how about the weight rooms? I know you and Eroc were at the coach’s clinic and got to see the Michigan’s weight room how does it compare to Ohio State weight room.
Does Michigan have an advantage now or is Michigan just on the same level as the Ohio State program now?

Thanks for the question. Coach Eric Lichter is head of OSU S&C program and he is outstanding. He used to run his own company Strength and Speed that helped prepare players for NFL combines. There are more similarities than differences in two programs. There are however some differences.

Both Coach Barwis and Lichter are always saying they are about building better football players, not power lifters, or bodybuilders. Both evaluate every player and then design plan for that individual player. Both talk about attitude and mentality of being a lifter. Both are also about developing fast-twitch muscles to help with explosion and speed. Both also are about overall conditioning. Both also, emphasis power cleans and lunges, etc over machines, machines, and single joint exercises. nutrition plays big part in both programs.

Differences, Coach Barwis is more into core muscles than Coach Lichter. Coach Lichter is more about strength and power than Coach Barwis. Coach Barwis has players run a little more than Coach Lichter.

The weight rooms are very similar with same basic equipment. Big difference is Michigan still has more machines leftover from Coach Gittleson then Ohio State has.

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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