WWE Hints at a Ted Dibiase BabyfaceTurn Tonight

xxValentinoxx Aka rashadCorrespondent INovember 22, 2009

I was scrolling through wwe.com and something caught my eye: this picture.

The WWE is finally advertising the Marine 2 but why would they choose the day of Survivor Series to do so, because they are planning the Ted DiBiase face turn for tonight, I can see it going one of two ways.

Way one everyone on Ortons team is eliminated except Ted and Orton. then all of a sudden Ted hits orton with Dream Street and leaves the ring up the ramp, giving Kofi the chance to do the boom drop, or Ted and Orton win the match and then he hits him with Dream Street out of no where.

Either way it is sure to be entertaining. So I believe this will be the last match for Kofi and Orton because Orton will have to feud with DiBiase now. But I don't think this will be the end of Legacy I could see Legacy being the dominant faction in the WWE like they have always wanted to be.

I see the creative team bringing in Brett DiBiase soon, and maybe even Joe Hennig. This may be the best fued to end the year. perhaps ted could even create an anti legacy like orton did when he was kicked from evolution.

Maybe Ted could team with his brother against Orton and Cody until Wrestlemania. There are a lot of what if's when it comes to this turn but it seems that the WWE creative has us in store for a treat before Mania.

What do you think about the turn?