NASCAR's Neglect.

Tony HulfeldCorrespondent IJune 13, 2008

Could somone please tell me what the heck NASCAR is thinking?

In the past few weeks, NASCAR has really showed it's flawed side. The big thing that is bothering some people is the lack of response to Juan Pablo Montoya's car on Sunday at Pocono. This week they have also showed lack of good judgement. 

This afternoon the NASCAR Craftsman Truck series was out on the track practicing, no big deal right? Wrong,while the trucks were out on the track practicing, a weather system was slowly moving towards the Michigan International Speedway, which would threaten the NASCAR Sprint Cup qualifying. 

Now, NASCAR KNEW that this weather system was on the way, but did they take any action?? No, they simply continue to rn the truck practice and then start qualifying. 

So they began qualifying the cars, and after about a dozen or so cars qualify, you guessed it, it starts to rain. And it rains, and rains, and rains some more. This eventually rains out and cancels qualifying, forcing the field to start by points. Now, could this whole situation have been avoided?? I believe so. 

The first mistake NASCAR made was not moving up truck practice. I love the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series as much as the next fan, but who do the fans come to the racetrack to see? The boys in the Sprint Cup. 

Because of qualifying being rained out Jason Leffler was sent home. If NASCAR had taken some kind of action to get qualifying in it could be a different story. Kyle Busch will start on a very undeserved pole position. He was 23rd in practice and if given the chance to run, probably would not have been on the pole. 

All I am saying is that NASCAR is neglecting to make good decisions that can help make the sport, and the race on Sunday, better.