Georgia Fans: Welcome To Hell Week

Brian TuckerContributor INovember 22, 2009

On the heels of the annual "Clean Old Fashioned Hate" game this coming Saturday I had many directions to go in this week. UGA VII dead..... Kentucky beats Georgia in Athens for the first time since I was 5 years old..... Georgia sucks..... Georgia Tech is ranked number 7 in the BCS..... Georgia Tech plays Clemson for the ACC title on December 5th..... OK, hell that's enough of that huh MUTTS! Georgia sucks and Tech is the best team in the state of Georgia AGAIN this year! True, I would feel better if Georgia had beaten Kentucky, given the Dawgs need to beat my Yellow Jackets to secure a bowl game and then there's that feeling of "what else does Georgia really have to play for....."

Georgia Tech rewarded head coach Paul Johnson with a contract extension this week and with a bye week this is setting up to be a great HATE game in Atlanta with Georgia. I'm just hoping that the Dawgs come in with a huge chip on their shoulders, hell a huge chunk on their shoulders, for that matter so that Georgia Tech can bitch slap Mark Richt and Opie into reality. Tech will play Clemson in the ACC title game on December 5th, so I hope we aren't over looking Georgia. At this point I can't imagine it being much of a game.

The Bulldogs really missed GOLDEN opportunity to come out and play a good game against Kentucky. If your team can't get hyped up after the dead dog death what can we expect next. Maybe Munson will pass and the MUTT nation will respond!