Orton, Punk, Morrison, Are They All Really Misused?

Juan Correspondent INovember 22, 2009

*Originally titled, 'Misused or Not Misused' and posted on Ring-Rap.com*

Often times in the wrestling world, we hear the term ‘misuse’.

“Why is the WWE misusing CM Punk?”

“I can’t believe Shawn Michaels John Morrison is being misused!”

“Why in the world do they misuse Randy Orton?”

As you can see, this term is mostly associated with the WWE superstars; although it is not uncommon in other wrestling promotions.

But are these superstars really misused? When are we really supposed to associate that term with a superstar?

The fans today use that 7-letter word as an adjective to describe one of their favorite wrestlers when they are not used up to the level that the fans wants them to be at.

Simply put, if a fan wants their favorite superstar to be in the main event, but they are not, then the fans label them as ‘misused’.

In the above sentence, the phrase ‘in the main event’ can also be replaced by the phrase, ‘in the title picture’, or ‘the World Champion’.

Clearly, this is not when the term ‘misuse’ should be used. Why not, you ask?

Well, let’s take a look at the definition of ‘misuse’ first:

Misuse (n): bad or abusive treatment; (v): to use wrongly or improperly; misapply

Is it bad or abusive treatment when a wrestler is not the world champion or at least not in the title picture? Are they really used wrongly?

To understand when the wrestlers are misused, we must first understand when they are not misused.

They are not misused when they are put in a program where both the fans, the wrestlers that are part of it, and the business, all benefits from it. If we as fans are entertained with whatever the wrestler is doing, then we benefit. At the same time, if the wrestler likes doing what he is doing, and has no problem with it, then he benefits.  And if the business makes money out of that program, and are quite happy with it, then they benefit.

We need a balance between all three to get a superstar that is not misused.

Let’s look at an example to better understand.

The current ECW Champion, Christian. Many, many fans have spoken about him being a misused star. What’s their reasoning? He’s on the C Show, ECW. He’s not a world champion or at least in the world title picture. He wasn’t the one revealed as Jeff Hardy’s attacker during a storyline earlier in the year.

Out of all these the one I’ve heard the most is that he’s on ECW, the WWE’s ‘C’ show.

Christian is not misused folks. I repeat, Christian is NOT misused.  Let me tell you why.

Christian is the longest reigning champion on the C show; the star of ECW, arguably the best brand in the WWE today. He is the main reason people tune into the ‘C’ show. He is having the best feud out of all three brands with William Regal, being built up in the best way possible. He is the one bringing prestige to the ECW Championship.

Do the fans benefit? Yes, we are given an entertaining program with him on Tuesday nights. We like watching him.

Does the wrestler benefit? Well, I don’t know how Christian feels. I did hear at first when he signed that he wanted to be in the main event. Well he’s the longest reigning champion right now and I think that makes up for it. He looks like he likes it. He brings his A game every time despite being on ECW. Of course he’s probably receiving a very nice paycheck. Yup, I think he benefits.

Does the company benefit? I think so, since he is the main attraction of ECW, the reason we come to watch.

Verdict: By maintaining the balance between the three factors I mentioned above, Christian is clearly not to be labeled as ‘misused’.

The wrestling fans should stop and think for a minute before crying about their favorites being misused. They should stop worrying about them and enjoy what’s being given to them at the moment to feel entertained and to realize that he/she is not misused.

These wrestlers, who many want to be world champions but are not, are not misused. It’s just something you’d like to see them do. Why? To see how he/she would work out as champions, or to see how well they work with other main event wrestlers. But that doesn’t mean they are misused.

The main idea of wrestling is not the World Champion, but the people who can give us an entertaining show.

A real misused wrestler would be given a program that is not entertaining and looks like the creative team didn’t care much about them. A real misused talent would just be used as an enhancer to help other guys. A real misused wrestler would be someone who we don’t care about. A real misused wrestler would probably not even be on TV in the first place. A real misused wrestler should have a reason to not be misused.

Very good examples of people that are misused are the Raw Divas. There doesn’t seem any reason why we should care about them. They don’t have any good, well built storylines.

If people like John Morrison, CM Punk, Randy Orton and Christian were all misused, then they would obviously not even be where they are at today.

Just realize that, these guys will have their day at the top of the company. These guys will have their day as champions. They’re not misused. It’s quite the opposite.


Here's something to lighten the mood: 

S: I'm finally a wrestler. A part of the WWE. Now I have no regrets!

D: Really? Make sure you don't Hit The Ropes too hard, you know? And if you see Kofi, give him this!

S: It's a phone number to a popular radio show. What's this for?

D: Tell him to be a part of it, so that I can call in and talk to him. I gotta show him my new Rap song I made about him. 

S: Well, he was Dubbed as the best young talent of the year by this other radio show, I think. Or maybe it was someone else. 

D: Cool. Whatever happens, be careful. May the Force of Wrestling be with you!


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