The Needs and the Wants

Kyle HuguesContributor INovember 22, 2009

Question number one, what do the Dodgers have? Question two, what do they need? The questions are very simple to answer. The Dodgers have a flurry of young stars, Manny Ramirez, Gold Glovers, but no ace.

In order to play in the Fall Classic, it takes more than just one pitcher you are constantly counting on to deliver. You need that ace, that veteran, that mentor, the one who throw's a cutter that could cut you seven inches deep.

If the Dodgers hope to make it farther than the NLCS next year, they better not lose out on the best pitcher in the game today.

Roy Halladay won 17 games last season playing for the Jays. He also pitched 239 innings, completing 9 of the 32 games he started, while punching out over two hundred batters.

Derek Jeter describes him as being the best pitcher in the business. Six All-Star appearances and a Cy Young award should say it alone.

And now he is available, which means it's time for the Dodgers Management to stand tough and give what is needed to obtain the prize.

The Jays have been open about Halladay being available, and also about how much he's going to be. If ever a trade was possible it unquestionably cost at least one of the Dodgers budding regulars.

Russell Martin, Chad Billingsley, and James Loney are most likely the prime candidates. And that's just the start of what would be a multi-player deal.

Martin is a worker and had a bad season, not much different than the dreaded "sophomore slump", where players tend to fall in love with smashing the ball over the wall.

But I believe Martin to still not have reached his full potential, which if achieved would mean a trip to Anaheim this summer. So keep Martin.

Chad Billingsley showed what he can be made of in the beginning of the season, then spiralled downhill, eventually leading to not starting a single playoff game.

However Chad is getting better with his control, and impressively struck out 179 batters in 196 innings. It's no secret that he is young enough to overcome a petty second half slump, and has the makings of a top of the rotation starter.

Still, the Dodgers swept through to the NLCS without Billingsley, which is evidence of him not yet being a vital need. Trade him in a package for Halladay.

Finally we come to James Loney. Great talent, future Gold Glover, and he is going to be around for a while.

Though he has not yet hit his prime, Loney has the potential to hit possibly over 25 Home Runs if the ballpark is friendly, and probably would be in a good position for "personal finances" when arbitrary time comes.

But, if the Dodgers can somehow make a move to replace 1B, it should be done. Add Loney to the list for Halladay along with Chad, and a prospect or two, and you should have a deal.

If you’re wondering who could possibly replace Loney, look no further than San Diego. Where if negotiations with the team fail, Adrian Gonzalez awaits to be traded.

If the Dodgers manage to swing a deal for Halladay, it would be obvious who the core contender of the NL West would be, overmatching the Padres. This would make it possibly less expensive for the Dodgers, but probably still a steep price, all for being they are in the same division.

I'm thinking three to four top prospects, and a regular from the bullpen. Possibly Ethan Martin, Lucas May, Brent Leach, James McDonald, and what do you say for Juan Pierre as options.

Payroll for the team has been cut by about forty million after departures. A smart move would be to purchase Mark DeRosa, and have him be our second baseman, while spotting Blake at times. Then start spending.

Erik Bedard from the Mariners would be an incredible steal. He has ace type stuff, and would be an upgrade from Randy Wolf. Not a bad rotation if all goes well: Halladay, Kershaw, Bedard, and legitimate "X-Factor" Charlie Haeger. That still leaves one spot open in the rotation.

Who better to make a chance on than Pedro Martinez? If the man hasn't earned respect by now it would be due to ignorance. Especially after his performance against the blue crew with the Phillies.

Imagine that, Pedro back where he began, giving the team that extra formula that the team needs to concoct a championship: Magic.