The Deal Is Done! Rangers Sign Habib To 3 Year $50million Contract!

Mr. ControversyCorrespondent INovember 21, 2009



In an unbelievable move by Glen Sather, the NY Ranger will be welcoming their newest star Habib Hashiesh this week. Habib will be arriving by camelback sometime Tuesday evening.

In case you have not been following this story, Sather has been trying to sign Habib since last year. Click on the link below to read that article.

What a move by Sather. Just when you think he can not do anything right, he signs the veteran bomb kicker to a three year deal. Sather did not just stop there. Due to Habib’s love for his former team in Afganastan, Sather agreed to Habibs’ demands for the three year deal and sending Marion Gaborik and Henrik Lundqvist to play for the Afganastan Suibombers!

When we talked to Glen Sather about the deal, this is what he had to say about the veteran bomb kicker. “ we are very happy to have come to an agreement with Habib. It has been an extensive , exhausting negotiation time for us all. Habib is fast , I mean really fast, much faster then Gabby. Hell I would of even given up a Prospal just to seal the deal. But Habib was satisfied with just Gabby and Hank, saying he wanted to win here as well so let Prospal stick around. The Rangers organization feels we made out on this deal. What is a Gaborik and Lundqvist compared to a Habib the HoBo Hashiesh ”.

Sather went on to talk about Hashiesh’s playing ability. “ Habib is a one man scoring show. I never seen a player with one leg move so fast and be so quick with his foot. Yeah we are going to have to teach him how to ice skate and explain to him that he can not go around biting and feasting on our opponents. But hey that will all come in time. We are just proud to have him on this team , adding him to the Redden line and Rosy line they will be unstoppable”.

When we talked to the head coach John Tortorella he seem very excited about his new addition. This is what the head coach had to say. “ man wow, hashieesh , alright. Like wow. What can you say about this great player. I mean I could not be happier then I am right now. We plan on placing him on the first line replacing Gaborik. Yeah that’s the move for us to do. Look for Habib to play around 40 minutes a game. Hell we just might give everyone else the night off. Habib is just that good. He plays defense like no one I ever coached before. He is just awesome at every position and his speed is just unbelievable. I wanted to throw in Prospal and both Gilroy and Del Zottoto just to make sure we signed him but that wasn’t up to me. Sather did a great job with making this deal possible. I mean like dude wow” Well said coach!!

Habib the HoBo Hashiesh is 70 years old and has played kick the bomb for over 60 years . He is expected to tally 80 goals with 110 assists. He will be ready to play on Wednesday against the Blue Jackets as long as his camel does not die of thirst before hand. Hats off to Glen Sather and John Tortorella for making this deal happen and improving this helpless Rangers team.

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