Anaheim Ducks: Adam's 2008 NHL Entry Draft Thoughts

Adam FaulknerCorrespondent IJune 13, 2008

I personally believe this year that Ducks will be going around the position wheel at the entry draft. Their first pick at 12th overall will not be a defenseman or a goaltender, but instead, a forward.

I'm not saying that they are slacking in the offensive zone, but I believe the talent they have locked up in the defensive end and goaltending crease provide the Ducks a reason to draft a forward.

On the North American end, 5 out of the first 6 ranked skaters are defensemen and this leaves tons of good talent for the Ducks to pick from. If the first 11 skaters were chosen in order. It would leave Joshua Bailey being the first available forward.

In Bailey, I think the Ducks would be safe for picking him. Along with Bailey, Jamie Arniel and Greg Nemisz would also be good forwards to draft. Those three alone would be my top picks for the Ducks, if they choose to go with a forward.

Obviously on defensive side at the draft they have a huge variety, and I would take a few guys, such as Michael Del Zotto, Tyler Cuma, or Kruise Reddick if they are available and the Ducks choose to bolster the blue line.

As for European skaters, I don't know much about them. Just reading brief profiles and watching a few career reels I can't say much of who to pick.

If the Ducks do choose to take a european forward, I can see them taking some talent like Sergei Ostapchuk or David Ullstrom. On defense, the one guy that always stood out was Kris Berglund, if the Ducks choose to go against me and choose a pick for defense from Europe.

It will be interesting to see what direction they go, but as stated, I have a strong feeling they will lean towards Forwards more than defence and goaltending.