Logo Blog #11 Cincinnati Bengals Alternate Logo (1968-69)

Avry Lewis-McDougallContributor INovember 21, 2009

Hey folks, I'm back with another logo blog and this I'm talking about the alternate logo of the Bengals from 1968-69. This logo has to be one of the creapiest ever, I mean this Bengal has vampire teeth!!!! Who's idea was it to give him fangs? It's a good thing that this alternate lasted only two seasons, could you imagine the jokes that PTI would make if they were still using it? I could see them being called the Cincy blood suckers to the Counts of America (actually thats a pretty cool name, I pat myself of the back for thinking that up). Also, the Bengal it appears that he is holding what looks more like a rugby ball than a football as it looks way too fat to be an NFL ball! Even worse the Bengal has eyelids that make him look like he's going on a date, whats up with the eyeliner?! That's the kind of addition to a logo that lands people in insane asylums no matter how dark the eyes look!

I wonder who came up with this logo was rushing things and did not have the time to truly work on a good alternate logo or maybe they figured that who would make comments on it? Well guess what sir or madam, I'm making comments about the logo and its sloppy!

This logo is another hot mess of colours and teeth so lets check out the Avry ratings scale now...

10/10 for an awesome comment by me regarding calling the Bengals the Counts of America

64.8/10 for perfect eye lashes and dark eyes