DONALD WOJTASZEKContributor INovember 21, 2009

The ups and downs of any sports team is usually controlled by the coaches . In many cases though, the fans ultimately force removal of coaches  if they feel they aren't living up to their standards. Personally,I think that in Buffalo, the removal of any of the past coaches was all based on public opinion! Wether it was right or wrong at the time is of no consequence. The fans pay good money to see a product, if it doesn't produce well the screams are heard ,most times, in the front office at the money counters table! Mr. Wilson does hear them loud and clear too.

A small market area like Buffalo has always been tough on it's sports teams. The Sabres, Bills, Braves, Bisons, Bulls, all have taken heavy shots from the media and the fans. Of course you have some sports writers in Buffalo and Rochester who get their kicks ripping the teams and in some cases not even showing any class or respect for the effort of the players.They do it to stir up a fan base but they forget who reads their columns and quits buying their papers or reading the internet.

I guess it does go both ways though, because there have been instances where teams trade someone and the player goes off on a tiraid of lambasting the owner,coaches and fellow teammates! Mostly because his "BIG EGO" got hurt! This goes for coaches as well. In the case of Dick Jauron ,I don't think this will happen because I feel he wasn't comfortable at all in Buffalo and always looked like he was seeking help from above!

The Bills will survive this mess as they have in the past. With any luck they may even find they can play as a team ,and put a whipping on teams no one ever thought they could. I am an optimist as you can guess..