Bob Arum: Floyd Mayweather Afraid to Let the “O” Go!

Carlo Miguel NarbonetaContributor INovember 21, 2009

Top Rank Chairman Bob Arum said that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is scared to fight the greatest Filipino boxer who ever lived, Manny Pacquiao, who could let his “O” go.

Mayweather was the consensus the pound-for-pound best boxer in the world before his retirement.

Pacquiao, on the other hand, has reeled in successive wins with great distinctions against top tier opponents en route to be Floyd’s successor for the top spot.

Mayweather insisted he was the superior fighter, and he said Pacquiao was afraid to face him.

Pacquiao, stepped up to the plate when was asked on KTLA.

According to a report from, Bob Arum said that Mayweather is not prepared to fight Pacquiao psychologically.

Forty fighters tried to beat Mayweather, no one ended triumphant. Diego Coralles (RIP), Jose Luis Castillo, Arturo Gatti (RIP), Juan Manuel Marquez, and Oscar Dela Hoya, to name a few, are some of the big name fighters who tried.

40-0-25, is Mayweather’s current record and Arum added that the fighter is afraid to loose that zero in his record.

Allegedly, Floyd has avoided fighting Shane Mosley, Antonio Margarito and Miguel Cotto and by facing Pacquiao there’s a big possibility that he can be beaten.

The big question at the moment is: Will he fight Pacquiao or price himself out of the fight?

Now, it’s up to the promoters to lay the cards on the table, convince their respected fighters and proceed with the century’s biggest fight.