OSU vs. Michigan Preview

The WolverineCorrespondent INovember 20, 2009

Anyone know Mel Gibson, Al Pacino, or Russell Crowe? Or anyone else who can give a good half-time speech?

Tomorrow's game will rise and fall based on which Michigan team shows up in the second half. Is it the second-half team of the first half of the season, or the second-half team of the last half of the season?

I believe the game will be within 7-10 points at the half. And I think we'll have a chance to win the game in the second half...if we don't collapse...again.

On paper, the numbers don't lie. The Buckeyes look scary, particularly on defense. I won't even mention them they're so scary. But they are facing one of the Big Ten's best offenses. Great offense versus great defense could produce another Iowa game...or another Penn State, or Wisconsin game.

The Buckeyes historically (and this year) beat you by causing turnovers and playing the field position game very well. If we limit our offensive turnovers, we have a shot to be in this game. If we can turn the tide (Steve Brown picking off Pryor again?) early in the second-half, our defense may gain the necessary confidence to sustain itself for the second half. If OSU comes out and scores on their first drive, look out below.

I can say this much. If the pressure is on, I'd rather have Tate in the pocket than Terrelle. At least at this point in their careers. I don't think Pryor has what it takes to lead a game winning drive on the road against his (second choice?) arch-rival. But I think Tate can, and would get it done. Let's hope we're in a game that puts us in either of those positions.

My heart says Michigan 34-OSU 31, but my mind says OSU 38-Michigan 21.