Humor: We Know What Happened During The France—Ireland Clash

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Humor: We Know What Happened During The France—Ireland Clash
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It was a day like any other. Or not so. 

Thierry Henry handled the ball, crossed a ball that was headed by William Gallas into the back of the net to launch France into the 2010 World Cup and eliminate Ireland from contention. Or is that only what "they" want us to see.

Was it FIFA, the ones who staged the match with a seeded draw, wanting Ireland to meet the French and bring all the media's attention to football by having a "controversial" goal scored late?

Was it the French who demanded that the last game and all its drama be held in Paris to attract more media spotlight to its capital? Or maybe it was all shot in a Hollywood studio!

Were the Irish in on it too? Does Henry's apology come from his heart or is it all scripted?

Ahh! We saw Henry coming down the bus. What was he doing talking with Ireland's assistant manager Marco Tardelli? They were laughing and smiling! They must be in on it! 

What we have heard and are not so sure of until now (although we are pretty sure about the rest of the story) is that Henry called Diego Maradona to ask the Argentinian legend for help.

Henry asked Maradona about the "correct" usage of "the hand of God" in order to get the maximum out of cheating by using the hand and keeping it out of the referee's sight.

Maradona was reportedly happy to give Henry advice.

Later, when asked about the rumor, Maradona cursed using words familiar to his not-so-distant history in cursing and denied the whole alleged phone calls, deleting Henry's number from his phone book in the process.    

Look at Henry's photo. Thierry "The Cheat" Henry. And he has his two arms raised up in the air! That's good. At least he knows he's the bad guy in this story.

It was all part of a great deal concerning the biggest countries in the world. For sure the United States know about it.

Or maybe it was all part of Saddam's plans to ruin the world. Or perhaps some aliens who we thought came "in peace". Oh, how evil can these green creatures get? 

What if referee Hansson is an alien himself? He's a blind one, that's for sure. Or maybe Bleacher Report's Barney is even in on it so that he can write another brilliant edition of "The Great Debate". 

Other theories however, include some who believe it was all—how can we put it? A "coincidence". Ha, if they only knew!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are in front of a new world order. Conspiracy lies among us. Maybe we are among those who are on it too. 

No, it's not "just another game". It's the sign of the times! Is it 2012 already?!

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