All-Time College Football Team: Wide Receiver

Tim CroleySenior Analyst IJune 13, 2008

In continuation of my series on the All-Time College Football Team, I will now shift the focus to the offensive side of the ball, beginning with the wide receiver.

So, who is the best wide receiver to ever play on the collegiate level?

Who had the most game-changing catches?

Who had the most clutch touchdowns?

Who had hands of glue to haul in unbelievable receptions?

There have been some really great ones in my lifetime, and many more that played before my time, which I have either seen on film or have read about.

Cris Carter was as lethal as any receiver while helping Ohio State to re-establish their dominance in the post-Woody Hayes era.

Peter Warrick, a.k.a. “The Great One,” was just as dangerous while at Florida State, boasting the ability to score almost every time he touched the ball.

It's hard not to think of Jerry Rice when one speaks of receivers, but as my memory recalls, he wasn't really recognized as a great receiver until he strapped on the pads in San Francisco, largely due to not playing D-I ball.

Who in your opinion are the two best wide receivers to ever play college football?

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