25 Suggestions to Make NCAA Athletic Programs More Profitable

Tobi WritesAnalyst INovember 20, 2009

25 Suggestions to Make NCAA Athletic Programs More Profitable

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Focus on building up D-I basketball and FCS and D-II football membership in the Western half of the US

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Cut the number of football scholarships and participants

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Do right by women and do justice to Title IX

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Make cheerleading a full scholarship sport for women at FBS Schools

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Strongly encourage FBS schools to offer women's volleyball

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Require mandatory redshirt seasons for every freshman

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Allow students to transfer once without loss of eligibility and force coaches to gracefully assist in the process

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Require FBS schools to play one game a year vs. FCS schools

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Let fan support fasttrack basketball DI upgrades

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Drop basketball leagues with poor support to DII

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Rebuild the North Central Conference as a core DI/FCS conference and offer the MIAA immediate core DI status

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Get the Great West Conference into the NCAA basketball tourney

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Make DI non-revenue men's sports' scholarships tuition only

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Encourage the creation of 3rd and 4th money sports in regions

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Limit the kinds of schools that can be classified DI, DII, or DII

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Separate FCS and DII football from other NCAA classifications

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Rename the Classifications to silence dissent

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Force FCS non-scholarship conferences, like the Ivy League, to a lower classification

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Force financially overmatched FCS conferences, like the Northeast Conference, to a lower classification

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Take action to reduce FCS conference membership to 6-9 schools.

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Forcibly upgrade DII football conferences based on stadium size, attendance, & enrollment

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Expand the PSD (FCS) playoff to 32 teams and get all of the games on TV

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Set Criteria for quick football upgrades and push individual schools up on a trial basis

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Publically release annual recommendations for financially "at risk" programs

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Cap athletic expenditures of the top 15 BCS programs to slow out-of-control spending

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Never forget that the BCS is not majority of the NCAA's membership.

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