Tampa Bay Lightning: Small Talk about Steven Stamkos

Adam FaulknerCorrespondent IJune 13, 2008

Living in Sarnia, you get a lot of chances to see Sarnia Sting superstar Steven Stamkos play. I have had the pleasure to see him play MULTIPLE times.

Let me first tell you this. Stamkos is DEFINITELY ready for the NHL. He has made so many defensive and offensive plays that make you wonder, "I can't wait to see how good this kid is gonna be in the NHL."

It is truly incredible to watch, and it's going to suck not watching him skate and play with the Sting. For any of those Tampa Bay fans out there, you will truly have a blast watching this guy play.

Stamkos gives you a hint of Ovechkin and Crosby when he plays. On top of all of his skill and expertise in hockey, he is also a great guy off the ice.

My friends and I stopped him, thinking he would be too busy to have a chat, but he stuck around for a good five minutes talking about hockey and other stuff.

Steve Stamkos will be missed in Sarnia but he will always have his banner hung from the rafters.