Billy Wagner, New York Mets Collapse Again

Rich PinoContributor IJune 13, 2008

Willie Randolph can only look on as memories of the New York Mets' collapse last year may have been brought back to the minds of Mets' fans once again. The Mets have lost six of their last seven, and four of the six losses were by one run.

This drought has been caused by a combination of lack of offense and relief pitching. Billy Wagner, who was lights out with a 0.37 ERA before June 8, has seen his ERA climb all the way up to 2.33 with three consecutive blown saves.

As the Mets keep playing under expectations, Willie Randolph's job becomes less stable as the season goes on. The head-coach's job is now reportedly day-to-day. GM Omar Minaya will make the decision to fire Randolph or to keep him.



  • Johan Santana was brilliant once again, and he showed why you spent a first-round draft selection on him.
  • Mark Reynolds kept his hot streak going with a two-RBI triple in the top of the eighth inning, bringing his total to 45 RBI for the season. He leads his team in HR (15), RBI (45), and R (45).
  • Billy Wagner's velocity fell about five MPH. Although, it was a day game after a night game in which he pitched both games.