Brian Zoubeck's One Last Chance @ Fulfillment

Bermuda BobAnalyst IINovember 19, 2009

Back when Coach K recruited Brian Zoubeck from Joisey, he was suppose to be the guy who'd make we long time Duke fans forget about the likes of Alaa Abdelnaby and Cherokee Parks !!!

Unfortunately, "Zoubs" suffered thru bouts with nagging injuries and the label of having "bad hands" and thus never met his full potential !!!

This year, sporting a, what we hope, is kind of a "born-again" beard, "Zoubs" has his last best chance to make a REAL contribution to this team as his size and ACC maturity will be needed, maybe more than ever ... even if it is for 10-20 minutes a game !!!

Let's all wish him a healthy season, full of contributions, and maybe even a ring to show his grandkids someday !!!