Women of the SEC

Trey RobinsonCorrespondent IJune 13, 2008

When a person mentions the Southeastern Conference, football comes to mind—but outside the quality of football in the SEC, what comes to the forefront for entertainment? 

Sure, it's the tailgating and the bands.  Maybe it's the loud stadiums or the traditions.

One thing truly stands out in the SEC—the women in sundresses attending these games.

If you lose interest in the football game (which is a rare occasion), the women of the SEC can take a boring afternoon and make it a great day! 

Here is how I have rated the girls of the SEC in a quick list format.



11. Mississippi State

10. Florida

9. Tennessee

8. Arkansas

7. Kentucky

6. LSU

5. Alabama

4. Auburn

3. South Carolina

2. Georgia

1. Ole Miss