Wilson Chandler: What Will His Career Hold?

Evan MasseyCorrespondent INovember 19, 2009

As I was watching the Pacers-Knicks game last night, I found myself watching one Knicks player in particular...Wilson Chandler.

Throughout the game, I saw this kid hitting shots, both hard as well as easy, and basically kept the Knicks close enough to the Pacers, which allowed them to make that comeback in the fourth quarter.

Some specific things that I saw about him that made me wonder how good this guy could be, were how quick his shot was, how smart he was with the ball, the way he creates his own shot, and his defense.

First, the way he got most of his shots, were rising right up above the defender. He is so quick with his jump, and also has a quick release, that by the time the defender finally gets up to challenge the shot, the ball is already on its journey towards the basket, and usually results in two or three points.

Second, his basketball IQ really impressed me. I didn't see him making many mistakes with his passes, or taking bad shots, he just played solid all-around basketball.

Third, he created his own shot better than I've seen quite a few of the better players around the league do it. Honestly, he reminded me of an Allen Iverson type of player (who the Knicks are expected to sign). He kept his dribble alive, and always worked the defender until the opposing player got tired, then he would cut off a screen, and take a mid-range jumper, which is exactly how the better players in the NBA get their shots.

The most underrated part of his game is on the defensive side of the ball. He guarded Danny Granger quite often, and even though he got blown away in the first half, he came back and completely locked Granger down in the second half.

So, this brings up my question to you guys. What kind of career will Chandler have? Will he continue to get better? Will he stay the same? What do you expect him to be remembered as when he does finally retire.