Chris Masters Deserves Better

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Chris Masters Deserves Better
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It was February 21st, 2005 and Stevie Richards was in the ring, awaiting his opponent. His opponent, was Chris Masters. He was said to have a body that was so perfect, that he was made of stone. After defeating Richards with a Polish Hammer and Full Nelson, he was immediately looked at as having exceptional talent and physique.


These assumptions were correct, as Masters continued to dominate all of his opponents. After many nights of winning with his newly dubbed Nelson hold, The Masterlock, Masters made a claim, saying that no employee of the WWE could break his hold. His promise wasn’t broken easily, as Wrestlers such as Sgt. Slaughter, Kurt Angle, Rosey and John Cena failed numerous times at breaking the Masterlock.


As many other episodes of the Masterlock Challenge would come, Masters was moving onto bigger and better things. He would engage in a feud with the legendary Shawn Michaels, leading up to a tag team match that featured Masters teaming with former United States Champion, Carlito and Michaels teaming with 30-time World Champion Ric Flair.


Ultimately, Masters would beat Flair by submission, thus putting him with some of the elite in the WWE.


After a loss to Shawn Michaels at the Unforgiven PPV, Masters would be parked in the middle of a SmackDown vs. RAW feud and would take part in the Survivor Series match between SD and RAW. After the Survivor Series match, Masters was pushed to the main event, after attacking John Cena from behind after Cena had a match, rendering him unconscious for the first time.


After that incident, a Triple Threat Submission match would take place, between Kurt Angle, John Cena and Masters. The Masterpiece would eventually tap out to Cena’s STFU. On December 12th, Viscera would lose to Masters, thus letting Masters gain a spot in the Elimination Chamber match.


In the Elimination Chamber, Masters was Eliminated by his long time partner, Carlito. Carlito would again double-cross his partner at the Royal Rumble, by rolling him up. Despite all of this, the pair would continue to team. They would even get a World Tag Team title match at WrestleMania XXII, which they lost to Big Show and Kane.


After the match, the team would split up, and feud with each other, leading to a match at the Backlash PPV, which Carlito won. This was the beginning of the downfall for Masters, as he would be moved back to the mid-card division to compete for the Intercontinental Championship.


His IC title persuit was short lived however, as he would be suspended from the WWE for addiction to painkillers. After montehs of rehab, Masters would move back to the WWE, as he had a television appearance for OVW, before moving back up to the WWE, where he would have a low-card feud with Super Crazy, before feuding with Jerry Lawler.


However, despite being a former #1 contender, he would lose to The King. How could that happen? Wrestlers such as Shawn Michaels have been main eventers for their whole career. This would not be the only letdown of a feud, because Masters would lose two weeks in a row to Santion Marella via rollup.


After the two strait losses to Marella, Masters was drafted to SmackDown, where he would feud with Chuck Palumbo briefly, until he was suspended for 30 days for violating the WWE’s substance abuse policy. Just a couple of weeks after that, Masters would once again violate the WWE’s drug abuse policy and be released from his WWE contract.


It was a real shame to see him go, after looking so promising in the ring. However, Masters would do well in the Independent Circuit for 3 years, winning the WLW World Heavyweight Championship and holding it for 76 days, before dropping it to Derek McQuinn.


In mid summer 2009, Chris Masters appeared on RAW, as MVP’s opponent in a beat the clock challenge, in which Masters won with the Masterlock in about 3 minutes. The next week however, MVP would defeat Masters. Since then he has been in the lower card as a comedy act, flexing his pectorals to beats of songs, and jobbing to Santino Marella.


I think everybody realizes that Masters deserves better than this, and has proven himself to be better than this in the past. He almost won the WWE Championship on many occasions, and it does take some talent to beat MVP in 3 minutes. So why doesn’t the WWE see that Masters is one of their prime wrestlers. Maybe they’re waiting for the right time, but I believe that the time is now.


If it isn’t now, then he should at least be having a go at the US title instead of Evan Bourne. Or maybe Masters and Paul Burchill should team up for a tag team called “The Misused”. Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment.

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