Dolphins- Panthers "Game Of Running Attack On Both Sides"

Nikolai ClaryContributor INovember 19, 2009

The Miami Dolphins coming off a hugh last  minitue win over Tampa Bay they head into the Scariest Running attack of the "CAROLINA PANTHERS!" But the Dolphins have a strong running attack of their own tonight. But its going to be hard without Ronnie Brown. Deangelo Willams and Johnathan are Suppose to Start which they will. So this matchup will be CRAZY !!!! "AND MADNESS OF RUNNING THE FOOTBALL!". So Jake is looking to throw it Conseintly and bettter for 4 straight games in a row. So im pulling for the Panthers because their beastly, both teams are 4-5 looking for their 5th win. So one of those teams wont get it. So i expect the Panthers to maintain the ball and not Turn it over, if they can do that they will win. SO GO PANTHERS PLAY HARD AND TOUGH AND MAKE Bank of America  Stadium Proud Once Again !!!!.