Canadiens: Is Edmonton a Great Place To Make A Trade?

Dominic PampalonAnalyst INovember 19, 2009

Montreal - I recently read that the Edmonton Oilers would be interested Sergei Kostitsyn and possibly his borther Andrei. In Montreal, we are still looking for a power forward and a big winger as inserts to the first two lines. Gainey should be looking at the possibilities with Edmonton.

Edmonton is in the western conference and they may have something good to bring to the table. During the off-season, Edmonton was ready to move Dustin Penner and Andrew Cogliano. Furthermore it was said that Montreal could help a Ottawa-Edmonton transaction. Sam Gagner played with Sergei Kostitsyn in his junior years and they were dominant together.

Edmonton is looking to jump start Gagner by every means possible and Sergei could be the missing link for Gagner. Age for age Andrew Cogliano certainly can help the Canadiens at Center or either wings. Is has great potential on the attack. Andrei Kostitsyn can potentially score 30 goals or more but, due to all the stories surrounding him, I doubt he can accomplish that in Montreal. A change of environment could probably jump-start his career.

For Andrei, Dustin Penner could be the guy to plant his feet in front of the net on the power play. Not to mention that he can play good hockey. Penner makes 1 million more than Andrei as Sergei and Cogliano have similar salaries.

Cogliano and Penner could add a new dimension to the Canadiens offence. Especially after losing Brian Gionta to a foot injury.

Gainey should really look into this option. In any case, he will have to make a move soon if he wants to see his team pick up a playoff spot.