Note To Omar Minaya: Trade Luis Castillo

Nick Carlo@@carlo2612Analyst IINovember 19, 2009

NEW YORK - MAY 13:  Luis Castillo #1 of the New York Mets looks on against the Atlanta Braves on May 13, 2009 at Citi Field in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City. The Braves defeated the Mets 8-7 in twelve innings.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The Mets top priority this season isn't left field or starting pitching. It is to bring change to the team.  The Mets need to bring in a number of new faces to bring the team a new attitude. 

I am totally against the team getting rid of the core, but I am in favor of them getting rid of some of their older aging players.  One of those is Luis Castillo, I am a big fan of Castillo and the way he plays the game of baseball, but I think it is time for him to go. 

This past offseason, Luis Castillo's main goal was to train himself back to the player he used to be.  He participated in many activities to make him a better player, and many doubted that these activities would make him a solid player.

One of the main concerns for Castillo was his knees.  Castillo has been known to have weak knees and they have recently been a huge problem in his career.  His knees have cost him many games and it's never good for a team when your starting second basemen needs at least one day off a week.

Luis wasn't off to the best of starts this past season.  It looked like he was done and that the Mets made a wrong decision by not getting rid of him.  It all hit rock bottom on Castillo's infamous dropped pop up that would've wrapped up a win against the Mets cross town rival, Yankees.

But, Castillo faced the press like a man after that game and it seemed to have taken a load off his shoulders.  After that game, there were many sarcastic cheers when he caught a routine pop up.  He did not let that get to him, he actually got a laugh out of it.

Soon after the error, he started to swing a hot bat and fans quickly forgave him.  He was putting up solid numbers and he never looked back.  He ended the season with an impressive batting average over .300, but that doesn't convince me that the Mets should keep him for next year.

He is a solid player and a great guy, but the Mets must get rid of him.  This is obviously the best time for the Mets to get rid of Castillo.  His trade value is as high as it will be for the rest of his career and the Mets must take advantage of that.

There are plenty of teams out there that would be more than happy to have Luis on their team, under some circumstances.  Such as, swapping a bad contract for a bad contract, or the Mets paying off some of Castillo's contract.

Castillo will be earning six million dollars every year for the remainder of the contract, and that is without a doubt, way too much money for him.  Even if the Mets trade him and pay off half his contract they can use the other three million to spend on a guy like Orlando Hudson.

Hudson, would be an all around upgrade over Castillo.  He will especially help the club house out a lot.  He also would love to play for the Mets, because he grew up a huge Mets fans down in South Carolina.

Although I would love to see the Mets get rid of Castillo, that is definitely not their top priority, but it can help them fill one of their minor needs.  The Mets are in need of another right-handed reliever. 

If the Mets can trade Castillo for a solid right-handed reliever than that would be taking care of two problems for the Mets. 

I hope that we all know that, Luis Castillo is a great guy.  Mets fans have to appreciate Castillo and try to remember the good things that he did for this organization.  If the Mets trade him, then I wish him luck with his new team.  But, the bottom line is, get rid of Luis Castillo.