Da Gris Gris Man's Spell That Started It All This Year!

Gris Gris ManContributor INovember 19, 2009

Some New VooDoo

Every year we analyze dis,

Every year we analyze dat,
Before each preseason we sure looking phat,
Den along come de season and dash all our dreams,
We pull out our hair and make with da screams,
But one season what we all know will be true,
Da Saints will win da Super Bowl cause of fans just like you,
Beaudreaux and Pluto and  NJSaintsfan,

And all of my brothers who are lifelong Saints fans,
Dis year will be different is one thing dat I know,
Cause da GGM done conjured some powerful new blow,
We done sprinkled some on da field and in da locker room,
And at the end of this season da Saints will go BOOM,
I don't mean we blow up like so many years in da past,
I mean dis year da Super Bowl… we win finally at last!


GGM, Voodoo MD