Randy Orton Is Not Being Misused

Mr MeanContributor INovember 19, 2009

Recently, a lot of articles talking about Randy Orton being misused caught my attention.

The writers of those articles believe that because Randy has entered a feud with mid-carder Kofi Kingston he will be limited in the position of a mid-carder.

Now, in my opinion, these certain individuals are incredibly wrong. Just a reminder: wasn't Randy Orton in the main event of 4 PPVs in a row, wasn't Randy usually in the main event scene? 

Not to mention that Randy is the second, maybe even the top, heel of WWE.

From my point of view it all has to do with the wrestling circle. The wrestling circle happens all over again; it is when a main-event material superstar feuds or just simply haves some matches with a promising mid-carder.

This happens so that the WWE can check if that certain individual has the material to get in the main-event scene. Remember when young Randy Orton eliminated Chris Jericho to become the No.1 contender for the World Heavyweight Champion? That was a classic example of the wrestling circle.

What I mean is that the wrestling fans need to relax, Randy Orton will remain in the main event scene, what he is currently doing is a break from his WWE title hunt to push Kofi.

So, Randy Orton fans relax. Randy is a very promising wrestler that is not being misused,he is just used as a stepping stone (not with the bad meaning) for Kofi Kingston to the main event.