Kansas Jayhawks Should Have Seen Mark Mangino's Issues

Paul SalmanSenior Analyst INovember 19, 2009


When stories like this come out, I am always surprised that it took this long, given all the evidence leading up to it. Mark Mangino has been the head coach at Kansas since 2002. He has had some controversial issues dating back to his first year at Kansas. He has had staff members leave and players leave due to his abusive style. He has had incidents off the field as well, including one with an on campus parking officer.

This is of course Kansas Football, not exactly known to be a Football factory, therefore Mangino must be a good head coach in terms of coaching talent up. It is hard to get top recruits at Kansas when you are competing with the likes of Oklahoma, Nebraska and Texas.

However, this is also a man who seems to have been coaching from an angry place instilling fear in his players. While Kansas was making BCS bowls this was ignored. Now that they are not performing as well on the field, Mangino's issues have come to the surface.

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