NBA Finals: Lakers Blow a 24 Point Lead

matt carpenterCorrespondent IJune 12, 2008

The Lakers went up on the Celtics quickly in Thursday's game four match up.

The Celtics couldn't handle Lamar Odom in the first half at all. Heck, they couldn't even control him for most of the game. He started off 7-7 and ended the first half with 15 points.

The Lakers had an 18 point lead to end the first half. They went up by as many as the Celtics did in game three against them (24 points), but Boston had more time pulling closer to the Lakers.

It kept going back and forth for most of the fourth quarter. Kobe trusted his teammates and this time it didn't work. Maybe he should have taken over when they were down by five, but he didn't.

The LA Lakers lost the game by a score of 97-91. Game five is on Sunday. Hope the Lakers make it back to Boston and win it in seven, because that's the only way they can win it now.