Vance Archer: Bad Name, Solid Future

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Vance Archer: Bad Name, Solid Future

The New Superstar initiative was brought in by ECW GM Tiffany in June of this year. Since then, ECW has gotten a completely new look. This look has been praised by some as being the future of World Wrestling Entertainment, but it has also brought a negative reaction to some fans. Either way, like it or not, it’s the future.


Some of the talent that this new system has brought, has already been exposed and pushed into the insides of the WWE. Prime examples of that are Sheamus, who won a feud with former Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin. To top that off, Sheamus has already moved on to RAW. Others like Yoshi Tatsu, have already had championship matches, and some such as Ezekiel Jackson, have already proved their strength by beating legends like Tommy Dreamer numerous times.


Then, there are the ones that seem to have smaller and smaller shadows. Tyler Reks hasn’t been in the ring for a long time. Almost a two month period at this rate, and currently, the WWE has no use for him except for an online show on It always pains me to see Stars like this go to waste.


Now, there always has to be a reason that Stars go to waste, and that is usually because somebody that has better in-ring abilities comes in and “steals the spotlight”. In Reks’ case, this man is Vance Archer. Archer was apparently discovered by Tiffany, when he was wrestling in Japan… or he could’ve just come from TNA.


That’s right, Lance Hoyt, who was an employee with TNA, signed with the WWE and was given the ring name, Vance Archer, once again, making the WWE look more and more kayfabe. Having superstars with the names “Yoshi Tatsu” and “Vance Archer” doesn’t really help the situation. However, despite his name, he could be a force in the future. Archer has displayed impressive physical ability during his matches with Logan Jones, Jason Blackwell and Johnny Andrews (Hey look, some real names).


However, now the question is, where does Archer go from here? I believe he was brought in to replace Sheamus, since he left for RAW. As most people know, his time in ECW was very limited. In my own personal opinion, Archer’s time won’t be as short. He’ll likely win over jobbers for maybe one more week, and maybe have someone interfere with his match, sparking a feud.


As the feud progresses, likely against Goldust or quite possibly Tyler Reks, he’ll get better and win more matches, eventually setting up a feud for the title. Possibly with Shelton or Christian. After being the on/off champion for a couple of months, there will be some sort of “trade” and he’ll go to SmackDown or RAW.

I’m not sure why, but I see him working well with Rey Mysterio.


Thank you for reading and have a nice day. I also apologize for the low resolution photo.

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