Pete Rose Should Be in the Hall of Fame

Greg KincaidCorrespondent IJune 12, 2008

Professional sports seem to create a lot of conflicts in this world. Issues like performance-enhancing drugs, off-field troubles with the law, fights, and gambling, have all built a strong media coverage on off-field issues. The sport we blame


Baseball is the greatest game ever to be played, but one issue has put a serious damper on the sport. The Baseball Hall of Fame committee has not elected Cincinnati Reds' great Pete Rose to the Hall.


Rose, who is the all-time leader in hits, made a big mistake by betting on games. But when you look at some more recent issues, we ask ourselves, is the right thing being done?


Take guys like Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi, and Jose Canseco for instance. These guys could be in trouble for using steroids. Giambi still pounds the ball, and is receiving credit for it too.


Gambling is a way of earning money, not cheating to win baseball games. Pete Rose did not hit as many home runs as these guys, but he did not cheat either.  He broke a rule that does not affect the outcome of a game. Home runs can make a difference in a game. Ask Reggie Jackson.


I just hope that if Rose never gets elected, Bonds won’t as well. Of course, Bonds will probably get elected, even though he does not deserve it.


I guess he did something right for the game: He brought in money.


Money must be the factor. Major League Baseball is taking in all this money because of guys like Bonds. Why do you think fans get ripped off when attending the Home Run Derby in the middle of July?