Big Fish: Five Star Recruit to Visit Lincoln

Josh KleinCorrespondent INovember 18, 2009

Look at this picture and get to know this face because the name is a bit hard to pronounce.

Owamagbe Odighizuwa (Pronounced: Oh-um-ah-be Oh-dig-eez-uh-wuh) isn't just another Nebraska football recruit, he is one of the best looking recruits in recent history.

Owa (oh-uh), hails from Portland Oregon, he stands at six feet-three inches and weighs a healthy 234 pounds.  He reportedly runs a 4.7 forty yard dash and has the ability to beat tackles on the inside or on the outside. 

He is that good. 

Did I mention he is the first five star (according to player to visit Nebraska this season?

I would be remiss if I didn't start off by saying that Owa has not committed to Nebraska or any other school for that matter, but Nebraska is right in the thick of things as far as his making a decision goes.

And the storm couldn't be more perfect for Nebraska recruiters than it is this weekend.  A prime-time ESPN game against Kansas State that will, without a doubt, decide the winner of the Big 12 North. 

Owa lives for games like these, and he gets to witness one this weekend.

Ranked as the second best defensive end in the 2010 class behind only Ronald Powell, the fifth overall prospect in the nation, Owa looks like the real deal.

John Papuchis has already stolen Chase Rome from the likes of Oklahoma State, could he go for a second steal in Owa Odighizuwa? 

I think so.

Owa comes from Portland, Oregon.  Another recruit that once hailed from the city of Portland on Nebraska's roster: Ndamukong Suh. 

And even ESPN announcers had trouble pronouncing Suh's name.

Owa is being courted by the likes of California, Florida and USC.  Some big names among the nation's elite.  But he has held off on so much as peeping a hint at a commitment which means it is still everyone's ball game.

Lucky for Nebraska his second to last visit of the season is this weekend in Lincoln to watch the Huskers take on the Wildcats of Kansas State.  He will get a first hand chance to see what Bo Pelini can do with players that seem to have half his talent.

It seems that his connection to one Ndamukong Suh has also helped out in the recruiting process. 

The Oregon native has seen Suh develop into a top five draft pick under Pelini's tutelage and one can't help but think that this would be the ideal place for him to develop into Nebraska's next defensive star.

According to, Owamagbe said something that is rather interesting, at least to me. 

He says, "I'd like to improve on my technique and my football IQ." 

This quote should have Husker fans salivating, because if this is his true motivation for picking a school there is no better place than Nebraska under Head Coach Bo Pelini who may be the best defensive mind in college football.

The downside for Husker fans is that it looks as if he won't announce his commitment until the U.S. Army All-American game on January 9th which will give Urben Meyer and sons plenty of time to try to convince him to come to the likes of Florida.

All we as Husker fans can do is cross our fingers and provide a once in a life-time feel at memorial stadium this weekend for the budding star.

Not only is a budding star, but he is also (according to one of the most coach-able athletes in this years recruiting class. 

Rivals literally calls him, "One of the nicest and most coachable players in the country."

What would you give to see Pelini work with this kid? 

I don't know, but what I do know is that if he does choose Nebraska we may have a star for the ages.

Lastly I must leave you with this. 

Rivals reports that Owamagbe Odighizuwa is much like New York Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora. 

Now wouldn't that be something to latch onto?

So to those of you making the trip to Lincoln this weekend make sure you look for him, memorize his face, and welcome him to Lincoln. 

Hopefully he will be coming back to stay a while.