Another Roy Halladay Cy Young Calibre Season

Ian HunterCorrespondent INovember 17, 2009

I hate to say it...but for the fourth year in a row, Roy Halladay crafted another Cy Young calibre season and had nothing to show for it.


The Baseball Writers Association of America did the right thing by giving the Cy Young to Zack Greinke. Though not your typical runaway candidate, Greinke did everything right on a team that played so horribly wrong throughout the season. Greinke didn't have an impressive win/loss record, however he certainly made up for it all other categories.

The voting went down pretty much as expected, but I would have liked to see Doc finish a little higher than fifth place. Ultimately, I guess it doesn't really matter because you either win the Cy Young award or you don't—there isn't any purple fifth-place-finish ribbon like there was at the track & field meet in public school.

Out of all the votes, the one that stands out like a sore thumb was the ballot which included Justin Verlander as a first place vote. This is just another example of a voter not digging deeper into the statistics and only scratching the surface and looking and win/loss and strikeouts. For shame!

Even though the Roy Halladay trophy case won't have any new additions this year, I commend him on another fantastic season and in my heart he will always be a Cy Young award winner.