Mark Derosa: Versatile and Climbing the Fantasy Ladder

Sean BrickhouseContributor IJune 12, 2008

Mark DeRosa is having himself an amazing season.

DeRosa is having a career year thus far with a .313 average, 8 home run, and 35 RBI.

Fantasy owners are jumping out of there seats for this Cubs player who is eligible at first base, second base, third base, and outfield, which makes this utility monster fantasy gold. This makes DeRosa one of the most valuable players in an owners line-up.

With his 2008 numbers quickly on the rise, fantasy owners are wondering if this is the time to deal him or not. The answer is DON'T DO IT.

DeRosa, being a low line-up batter, may not put up 30 homer runs and 100 RBIs but stay with him.

If he stays healthy and has 500 at bats, owners should be looking at 20 home run 85 RBI season.

In the Yahoo Fantasy rankings, DeRosa is creeping his way up the ranks. Expected to be ranked in the mid-200's, DeRosa has stunned experts by being the 61st best player in statistical polls.

DeRosa has stayed healthy throughout the season and if he continues his hot hitting there is no reason he shouldn't have career numbers in the 2008 season.

With injuries plaguing stars like Albert Pujols, Chipper Jones, David Ortiz, and Alfonso Soriano replacing them could be though if a versatile player like Mark DeRosa isn't in your line-up.