Gary Bettman Wants More Scoring?

Mikey TolvoCorrespondent IJune 12, 2008

Gary Bettman is thinking about making goalie pads EVEN smaller! 

After the lockout season, they didn't let goalies wear those baggy jerseys that caught pucks under their arms.  The size of equipment decreased.  I have even heard talk of bigger nets. 

Well, if Gary Bettman is thinking about making the nets bigger or goalie equipment smaller, I disagree. 

If a team can come back from down 5-0 (Canadiens), then why does Bettman want even more scoring?  Buffalo beat Carolina 8-0.  With all the new technology for sticks, it's hardly fair as it is for the goalies. 

The scoring is fine, Bettman.  Just let them play.