Mailbag Question: Regarding Defense

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Mailbag Question: Regarding Defense
Hey guys,

I know you guys have been concerned in the past as far as recruiting goes, but what is your take now on the job the coaches have done. In addition, what is your take on the lack of offensive line and defensive line recruiting? I guess you could throw the whole defense in there as well since it seems like not a lot of guys are looking at Michigan or not a lot of guys that have Michigan at the top right now.

Thanks for the question. We would be concerned about defense regardless of which staff was in control. Our concerns are not just, because of whom the head coach is. Michigan is very thin at defense this year. The drop off between first group and second group is scary.

As for job staff is doing. Well thought staff did excellent job closing and recruiting those who had already committed to “Old Regime”. Also, give major props for recruiting and securing commitment of skilled offense players. Can 100% understand Michigan is being cautious with Offensive line recruits having brought in six last year.

Why not bring these guys in and evaluate them. This will give staff better idea of what is truly needed for Offensive line. Defense and defensive line are another story. Michigan is going to lose three starters next year, and could lose one or two to transfer. This will leave the position very thin. Michigan is especially thin at Defensive End. In fairness, really do like players Michigan has coming in on defense. Just would like to see few more, and same energy put into recruiting defense as we have seen on the offensive side of the ball.

written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine

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