The Reality of Fantasy Football

Viresh PatelContributor INovember 17, 2009

Many people wonder what the big deal is about fantasy football.  Why do so many people engage in this past time known as fantasy football?  What is it about?  Why are so many men obsessed with it?  It's not even real.

Reality in fantasy football is nothing more than a matter of opinion.  Are the players on the owners team real? Absolutely. The men playing in fantasy football leagues are certainly real.  The trash talking is very real.  The competitive nature between the owners is very real.  Are there better, more productive things a man could do with his time? Okay, probably.  But those things have absolutely nothing to do with the beautiful game of football.  

Fantasy football gives us more reason to watch football, not that we needed it.  In a time of recession, where jobs across our nation are never safe, we all have so many issues in our lives between work, family, bills, and all sorts of obligations.  Fantasy football is a way to get away from that.  Realistically we can't get 10 or 12 friends together for a two hour game of football.  Our lives seem to get in the way.  Fantasy football is just realistic. 

Most of us grew up dreaming about playing professional sports and scoring a touchdown on a winning drive.  Fantasy football allows us everyday men to live some of those dreams.  There's a draft, we set lineups, we watch our players succeed and fail.  We rejoice with them.  We cry with them.  There is no better feeling than watching your starting quarterback throw a 50 yard touchdown in the fourth quarter when your down seven points.  Everything else around you is completely irrelevant, and fantasy just instantly becomes reality.