Death Valley Gear Up For Military Appreciation Day

Jacqueline KirbyContributor IIINovember 17, 2009

Saturday is Clemson's last home game of the season, against the University of Virginia.  The game will celebrate Military Appreciation Day.

Shirts displaying both teams have been sold for the past week.  The day will honor veterans and active soldiers.  Each year, the Military Appreciation Day is presented by a different division of the military, and this year it is the United States Marine Corps Officers Program.

There will be a pregame concert by the Tiger Band an hour-and-a-half before the game starts and a parade featuring veterans an hour before the game begins. 

At the end of the national anthem, there will be a fly-over by military jets and the pregame coin toss will feature a coin designed by the Marine Corps, with 78 stars on it to represent the 78 soldiers from South Carolina who have been killed in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. 

Veterans and soldiers from Clemson and Virginia are welcome to gather outside of the stadium during halftime to participate in various activities, including a walk down "the hill," the placement of a wreath, helmet, and boots to represent fallen soldiers, and a 21-gun salute by Clemson's Company C-4 Pershing Rifles.

Clemson's Memorial Stadium is one of fifteen Memorial Stadiums in the country.  They all represent our military in some way.  Clemson's stadium was ranked No. 9 in must-see stadiums. 

This game is not only important because it is our last ACC matchup, but it will be great to go out strong and support our military.