New York Mets: Struggling Bullpen

Jose SantiagoContributor IJune 12, 2008

Once again, a New York Mets pitcher throws a gem against Arizona and the bullpen lets us down.

Santana's seven shutout innings, three hits, and 10 K's went down the drain when Joe Smith, Billy Wagner, and Aaron Heilman allowed a combined five runs over three innings.

This time there wasnt a hero to let them off the hook. Final score 5-4. Do the math. Guess who won?

Two years ago one of our strongest point, if not the strongest, was the bullpen. Now, it's frustrating to know one of them is going to come to "help" the starting pitcher by ineffectively relieving them.

Our starting corps won't have the stamina to last long into the playoffs if this keeps up. I don't really care who is it to blame at this point, the blaming war takes us nowhere, but how about a fix for it ASAP?