Dan Hardy Vs GSP. Trouble For The Outlaw?

Dustin KimbrellContributor INovember 17, 2009

Coming off his impressive victory of Mike "One Trick" Swick at UFC 105 in England, Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy will get a title shot at GSP! As a huge Dan Hardy fan, I would like to see Hardy pull of the upset, but realistically, I don't believe he has a chance. =/

GSP is the most dominant fighter in the Welterweight Division and while Hardy has looked impressive, he hasn't fought the caliber of opponents that GSP has. GSP is the only man to defeat Matt Hughes on two a occasions and he has pretty much, blasted through the welterweight division. He's beaten the likes of Thiago Alves, whom he took down at will. He's also man-handled the man that many consider to be the number 2 fighter in the welterweight division, John Fitch.

Dan Hardy on the other hand hasn't had it very easy either since having his first appearance in the UFC at UFC 89. He's faced the likes of Akihori Ghono, Marcus Davis, Rory Markham and recently Mike Swick. And much like GSP, Hardy has reigned supreme in all his bouts. None of the fighters he's fought though (Apart from Swick) are in the top 10 in the welterweight class.

I really hope Dan Hardy walks away with a victory, but it's doubtful.

And by the way fans, this is my first article, so go easy on me. =]